3D printing meet for designers and makers

We have a 3d printer(in parts) at our makerspace since February 2017. We finally got it up and printing in the last week of April.

We are still in the process of fine-tuning the prints. However, the process of assembling the 3d printer ourselves, got us very very interested in the technology behind our 3D printer.  We will soon conduct a workshop to explain each part of the printer in detail, however that is for another blog post.

This post is about how Chizel found us and how we collaborated over the last weekend. I received a call from Yash, co-founder Chizel about wanting to meet us. He followed up very quickly with a visit to the space. The charming gentleman got both me and Sid interested in his story and Chizel, the 3D printing consulting company. Also, with our new found fascination for the technology, we weren’t too hard to please either 🙂 We decided to collaborate and generate interest in the technology within the maker community that we could tap into more effectively, together.

13th of May was to be the designers meetup and it was also going to be YourStory meetup. We geared up for a long, tiring day.

The meetup started with Gauresh giving us a brief about the various 3D printing techniques. I, personally, would have loved to hear more about the various process – what exactly is SLS or FDM or laser sintering and about the materials used. Considering the time and audience-interest the topic quickly moved on to the benefits of 3D printing and how Chizel, the company can add value to our lives. I realized a lot of acronyms used were alien to me and would require further reading.

Siddharth gave a small demo of the project he was working on and detailed on the importance of maker culture. It would be wonderful to have makers like him frequent our space often 🙂 The meetup ended with an interactive session.  Almost everyone in the audience participated with queries, pain-points and use-cases.

Most people stayed back and spoke to us about the space and what we do. It was an easygoing 2 hours and before we knew it, it came to an end. We look forward to engaging with this vibrant and very young community often.

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