About Us

Failure has been the primary way of learning for humans since the earliest times and this is evident in the way babies learn by making lots of mistakes, and repeatedly.  Somewhere in history though, making mistakes became unacceptable and our education started punishing failures.

reserved-bit is where we cherish failures and learn from them.

reserved-bit provides a space for the curious to explore technology at their own pace with tools and equipment at their disposal and more importantly, a safe circle of friends to interact and learn with.  reserved-bit provides a budding inventor a cost-effective place to start their journey and build their next big idea.

Our Patrons

Patrons are what make reserved-bit and keep it alive. This is a group of diverse and slightly crazy people who support reserved-bit through their unwavering commitment. Below are some of our current patrons.

Nisha Poyarekar

Also known as Maker in Chief, Nisha is a maverick hacker that has done everything from SAP consulting to hardware and python hacking and is now studying Archaeology. Nisha gave birth to the idea of reserved-bit and continues to nurture it with programming and tech workshops.

Amit Das

Amit is one of the earliest and most consistent supporters of reserved-bit. He found in reserved-bit a cost-effective way to run iBrand Homes that has presence in a number of major cities in India.

Aditya Kane

Aditya has been a supporter of reserved-bit ever since he was ambushed by Nisha and Siddhesh at Starbucks thanks to the WordPress sticker on his laptop. Aditya is a community wrangler for Automattic and works to keep the WordPress community happy.

Umesh Kumar

Umesh has been a reserved-bit patron ever since he dropped in with a big bunch of friends to ask about a remote working space. He is a WordPress Developer and Core Contributor.

Siddhesh Poyarekar

Siddhesh has been a reserved-bit patron since it was founded. He maintains glibc and works on compilers at Linaro and finds reserved-bit a very useful space to network with people across the technology spectrum.

Akshay Sharma

Akshay is the founder of Ax Design and has become the defacto electronics hacker/mentor for reserved-bit.