YourStory Meetup – May 2017

YourStory meet up, targeting entrepreneurs, happened at reserved-bit on 13th May 2017, Saturday from 3:00-5:00PM. This was part of a parallel set of meet ups happening across 8 cities, at the same time.
We weren’t joking when we said, seats are limited! It was for the first time that we experienced an RSVP count of 70 and almost 60 participants turning up. The interest in the meet up was overwhelming.
Abdul was our connect to YourStory and we were more than eager to host the media house. Madan, our co-host from YourStory for the evening, put us at ease as soon as we met. It was only later that he revealed that he too was a tad bit worried about seating all attendees.

The attendees started trickling in before time, another first for a meet up we have organised. They were not only passionate about what they did, they were also extremely approachable and warm. After a round of introductions, we quickly moved on to the entertaining and valuable talk by Kiran Deshpande from TiE Pune. He spoke at length about revenue, growth and funding and his personal experiences. This was followed by a talk by Veeraj Thaploo from BlazeClan on how cloud technology is strengthening mobile offerings from startups. We rounded off with an open discussion for a while.

Pictures of the event can be found here.

After the informative session, every one was eager to deep-dive into each others business ideas. The networking session went on for quite a while over coffee. We met many interesting people who in turn were interested in what we did. We at reserved-bit are building an affordable place for people to work collaboratively. This is an experimental project and we constantly wonder if we are adding value to the ecosystem, if it will ever turn into a full-fledged company.
This meet up was heartening and inspiring for us. There was a lot to learn for us and we hope to implement at least some of those learnings in the future.

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