We had our first Soldering basics workshop on Sunday 5th February, 2017. The hands-on session was conducted by Pooja. I was eager to meet all the participants. As we were setting the place for the workshop, Brinda walked in with her kids. She had trouble registering her son Arjun for […]

Soldering basics workshop

It started when Amit Shah pinged Sid a few weeks ago and expressed interest in starting regular meetups of the Linux kernel contributors and enthusiasts in Pune. There apparently used to be such a thing in the past, but there was never enough momentum to keep it going. When Sid […]

Pune Kernel Meetup – The Beginning

A lot has been happening since we showed ourselves to the world. We opened on New Years day and welcomed everyone over to visit us for free all of January. A number of people came in and expressed interest, hopefully many more will join and use the space to create […]

See you at PyCon Pune 2017