See you at PyCon Pune 2017

A lot has been happening since we showed ourselves to the world. We opened on New Years day and welcomed everyone over to visit us for free all of January. A number of people came in and expressed interest, hopefully many more will join and use the space to create and work on interesting things. We also announced a workshop on soldering and electronics basics that is happening tomorrow. If you haven’t signed up yet, do so now before the seats run out!

The most significant development over these days was our involvement in PyCon Pune 2017. I was part of the volunteer group from the beginning and I had volunteered time, space and accounting support for the conference. That is, reserved-bit has been managing finances for the event, including accepting sponsorship and managing expenses for the event. The last couple of weeks however changed everything when PyCon decided to move venues due to a clash in schedules in the original venue.

The new venue meant a significant additional cost at the very last moment and the volunteer group really had very few options. We were able to pitch in as sponsors for the event to help manage some of the cost and are very happy to have a closer association with a wonderful event. We hope to have a booth at PyCon Pune, so if you are coming, then feel free to drop in and say hi to our makerspace members who would be manning the booth.

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