Rules and Guidelines

These are rules and guidelines for use of our makerspace. See website terms of use.

Our vision at reserved-bit is to play a significant role in growing and sustaining the maker culture in Pune. To materialize our vision we have tried to keep membership rates as low as possible for us. To ensure that the makerspace is sustainable though, we expect responsible behaviour from members so that they are not wasting or cornering resources and are generally being great community members. It is understood that your personal safety is your responsibility at the reserved-bit premises. If the member is a minor then their personal safety is the responsibility of their parents or guardians and while we will make a reasonable effort for their safety, their ultimate responsibility lies on their parents or guardians.

Here are some guidelines for being a good maker at reserved-bit and other makerspaces:

Communication and Conduct

Be cordial in your interaction with other members. Community is the underpinning of any makerspace or hackerspace and grossly rude or discriminatory behaviour may result in termination of membership without a notice or refund.

The makerspace is a social space, but everyone may not be in the mood to interact at all times. Please be sensitive to this when approaching someone for help. When helping someone, be kind and avoid being condescending.

A special mention needs to be made for social and gender discrimination because these are societal realities in our country and the world. We want to be a safe and productive place for all people regardless of their gender, caste, religious or political beliefs and we would like members to be sensitive to that and behave accordingly. At the same time though, we encourage discussions on feminism, caste discrimination, politics, etc. as long as you can have a civil discussion that does not degenerate into name calling or result in offending anyone. In case of any questions or concerns, get in touch with us.

Like we work together, it is also important that we look out for each other. While our personal safety is our own individual responsibility, good makers look out for the safety of their peers as well.


Tools and resources at the makerspace are for use in the makerspace only and are not to be carried outside the premises. If at all there is a dire need for it (a college/school presentation for example) then get in touch with us.

Supplies such as electronic components, cables, printing supplies, etc. can get expensive, so please be considerate in your use. 3D printer use has a nominal charge for members to moderate its use. If we find that your use of certain supplies is excessive then we may have to charge you for it. If you need to make use of large amounts of any supplies, consider buying your own (we can arrange for it). For example, you could purchase your own 3D printer filament or electronic components that nobody else is allowed to use.

If you damage any equipment or tools, you may have to pay for repairs or replacement, so please be careful when you use them. If in doubt, ask for help or training.

Our makerspace/hackerspace premise is similar to IT office spaces and hence may not be conducive to heavy machinery projects or projects that require heat or fire. We hope to build a workshop space for such projects in future, but for now we have to limit ourselves to ‘safer’ projects.

You are welcome to get guests along as long as they do not use the makerspace facilities and resources.


A makerspace thrives and grows on knowledge sharing and we encourage members to organize sessions. You may organize free workshops or hack sessions as long as you either have booked a date and time with us or your session will be non-intrusive, like a collaborative/themed hack session. If you want to conduct a paid workshop then get in touch with us for pricing.