Python for Tweens


Give your child a hands-on introduction to the Python programming language. The session can be booked one on one or in groups.  We will get in touch with you once you purchase your workshop pass to schedule the workshop. You may email me at for questions.

There are discounts on the per-seat price, which will be applied depending on the number of seats you book.

Range Discount
5 - 9 25 %
10 - 20 50 %


Python is a programming language that simplifies coding so that even new users can get started with relative ease. In this session, we will introduce the participants to variables, logic, loops, functions and turtle graphics. Understanding how to code can help you get to know the computer better, create games, create web pages, even write a program that could help with your homework 🙂

This full day session is catered especially for young students looking to get started in programming. A basic vegetarian lunch will be provided to the participants.

Workshop Requirements:

  • Child should be 9+ years old
  • Laptop(Mac, Windows or Linux)
  • Can use a text editor(eg. notepad)

Additional information


6 hours