Maker Subscription


Select the Subscription Period below and click on Sign Up. If you are a student at a school or university (or are under 18 years of age), you can avail a 50% discount on membership.  Use the STUDENTMAKER discount code and carry a valid proof of birth date and/or a student ID card on your first visit to the space.

If you have specific requirements or are looking to sign up as a group then feel free to contact us.



You’re an avid maker who would like to access our makerspace on all working days of the week on a per visit basis.  Your reserved-bit maker subscription gives you the following:

  • Tools, Equipment and material at the space on all weekdays, excluding public holidays
  • Access to our network of makers
  • 10% discount on reserved-bit workshops
  • Free use of 3D printing and engraving tools (within reasonable limits, be nice to your fellow makers!)