An Introduction to 3D Printing


Understand 3D printing technology and try your hands on a 3D pen in this 3 hour workshop on 3D printing. The session can be booked one on one or in groups.  We will get in touch with you once you purchase your workshop pass to schedule the workshop. You may email me at for questions.

There are discounts on the per-seat price, which will be applied depending on the number of seats you book.

Range Discount
5 - 9 25 %
10 - 20 50 %


Come to the makerspace for a unique workshop!

A fun-filled way to make super hero badges , fridge magnets and various other things. It is time to lift your imagination off the paper! The instructor will give a brief about the 3D doodler pen and the 3D printer, its functions and capabilities. You will see the awesome 3D printer in action, understand its functioning and try your hands on the 3D pen.

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3 Hours